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We are Groot! - Guardians of the Galaxy

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okay but


of the galax


haha guardians of the galaxy



bless everyone involved

bless chris pratt and lee pace

bless zoe saldana and karen gillian

i wanna fuck lee pace in costume and kind of in character but without the genocidal asshole, ya dig?

can i kiss all of them tho

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Since klingon sex is basically violent wrestling, I wonder if the klingons don’t have BDSM but like the opposite. Klingons gathering in secrecy in dark cellars to engage in sweet, gentle loving, to the scorn of fellow klingons.

"How can you do that?" the other klingons ask. "You don’t even draw blood? Not a single furniture breaking? It doesn’t seem… natural".

"What is this… cuddle, you speak of?"

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Before I bought an incense burner and started burning incense, I didn’t know how to actually use it.

Now that I have been using it for months…all I see everywhere are gifs of incense burners lit and used and

where were you when i needed you, gifs??

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Old Hollywood Avengers

(because Tony throwing Gatsby-like parties is perfect)

I can never take this gorgeous gifset seriously because the bottom left gif of Chris Hemsworth is of the “Charlie Bit My Finger” Reenactment.

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I’m either going to end up rich and famous or I’m going to have the nicest goddamn kitchen in the whole world.

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a very important and 100% necessary camera angle

This movie had more ass-shots than any other Marvel movie, imho


a very important and 100% necessary camera angle

This movie had more ass-shots than any other Marvel movie, imho

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Sometimes I get really annoyed and upset when people talk shit about Iggy Azalea and make fun of her for being a “rich white girl who thinks she can rap” when she was raised on a farm and dropped out of school and cleaned hotels and houses with her mom and left to live in America right before she turned 16 and I get agitated that people feel the need to dig at her.

Then I think about the really gross and problematic things she’s said and I realize that some people let off steam about celebrities by attacking everything about them, and when they’ve acted in a racist, homophobic, or misogynistic way, they’re going to receive negative feedback no matter where they came from or what they’ve done.

TLDR: It’s okay to like a celebrity so long as you recognize the problematic and hurtful things they have done and don’t interfere when other people expose/discuss/actively dislike that celebrity.

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khloe ur kids are gonna know what their aunt looked like when she was young more than what you looked like (in the moment, not in tabloids)

i’m sorry but i get pissed when people whine about selfies like ??? oh if you take a picture of the scenery then it’s okay, but god forbid you take some pics of yourself ho lordy lordy

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"You are a poet as I am a woman. Poets and women are always free with their hearts, are they not?"

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