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I have to say, for once, there was an actually GOOD post made by an actual mink fan who doesn't defend his actions and spew rape apologism in the mink hate tag unlike the other "mink fans" (the ones who defend his rapist/abuse actions 24/7). It's sad that your post didn't get popular because you spoke the honest truth and what most "mink fans" should understand and realize. Instead of constantly thinking "but it's fictional it doesn't matter!".
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Out of all my posts, I wish that one had gained momentum, just so that there could be a mutual understanding amongst mink fans and those who don’t like him. the fandom can be so toxic *sighs sadly* I don’t think most Mink fans actually think that, but I do think most Mink fans are quiet on the subject and we can’t afford to be any longer.



Shit shit shit I forgot about dmmd and I saw slight spoilers nah nah nah nah fuck nah I got less than 2 hours I cAN DO THIS


the buckynat fandom: where we ship two ppl who are two of the most skilled murderers alive, but really all we want them to do is cuddle under blankets, watch bad movies, and eat pancakes in bed

There’s a bike race goin on in my town today and they have both main roads leading to my job closed how am I supposed to do this how are you gonna close multiple main roads this is ridiculous Mercer county park is right there

Edit: my job is literally at the apex of these roads there is no back entrance I cannot run through these bikes how am I supposed to do this oh my god